In the Community

PRIDE Industries is a nonprofit 501(c)3 company dedicated to creating jobs for people with many types of disabilities. This effort requires strong community support and, in turn, strengthens communities. 

PRIDE takes seriously its role as a community partner and actively seeks to give back to the communities in which our customers and employees work and live. 

Community Support 

We provide support to charitable organizations linked to our mission through in-kind donations, joint program development, and direct assistance. We also strive to be a good partner and neighbor as an active participant in local business chambers and associations. 


Studies find that students with disabilities are less than half as likely as their peers to attend college in the two years after high school, and this lack of higher education contributes to higher unemployment. In fact, working age Americans with disabilities are unemployed at four times the rate of the general population.

We’re helping to change that by offering higher education scholarships to students with disabilities in many of the markets we serve. The scholarships are open to students with disabilities who meet certain academic criteria and have employment aspirations supported by higher learning.

PRIDE currently offers scholarships in several regions. Click on the PDF links for complete details, including eligibility criteria, application forms, and directions on how to apply for these scholarships: 


PRIDE offers an annual scholarship for students with disabilities attending the University of Texas at El Paso (UTEP) and El Paso Community College (EPCC).

UTEP Scholarship Details 

EPCC Scholarship Details


Through the Sierra College Foundation, PRIDE offers an annual scholarship for eligible students with disabilities who attend Sierra College in Rocklin, CA and El Camino College in Torrance, CA.

Sierra College Scholarship Details 

El Camino College Scholarship Details

New Jersey

PRIDE offers scholarship funds for students with disabilities at Rutgers-Camden University.

Rutgers-Camden University Scholarship Details


PRIDE has made scholarship funds available to students with disabilities attending Northwestern State Universities Leesville Campus.

Northwestern State University Scholarship Details


PRIDE has made scholarship funds available to students with disabilities attending Enterprise State Community College.

Enterprise State Community College Details

Military Scholarships

PRIDE is proud to support our troops by providing four annual scholarships to sons and daughters of active duty, reserve/guard, or retired military. The scholarships are administered through the Fisher House Foundation and the scholarships for Military Children Program. The scholarships provide for tuition payment, books, lab fees, and room and board. Interested candidates can obtain more information at: