In 1966, a small group of devoted parents met in the basement of a church in Auburn, California. Their goal was to create an organization that would find meaningful work for their adult children with disabilities and, in the process, help those individuals transcend their disabilities. At that meeting, the idea for PRIDE Industries was born.

The people who created PRIDE had no idea how large their organization would become.

Through an entrepreneurial evolution over the past decades and a shared commitment by employees, we have far exceeded the expectations of those founding parents. Today, our core lines of business not only support the mission of creating good jobs for people with disabilities, they also deliver innovative solutions that reduce costs and add value for customers nationwide.

As a testament to our strength and self-sufficiency, more than 92% of our total revenue comes from service and product sales, and we are currently ranked as the fourth largest manufacturing and service company in the Greater Sacramento region.

The overwhelming success of PRIDE has proven what its founding members suspected all along: When people are nourished by the power of purpose, their spirits soar, their talents blossom…and their disabilities disappear.