Our Mission, Vision and Values

One in five Americans has a disability. And disabilities don’t discriminate. They can be acquired at birth or at any point through injury or illness. Despite their prevalence, more than two-thirds of working age Americans with disabilities are unemployed — many not by choice.

At PRIDE, we provide the support, training and opportunity necessary to help people with disabilities find meaningful employment and become contributing members of their communities. When we succeed, everyone benefits.

Our Mission

To create jobs for people with disabilities.

Our Vision

To be the premier employer of people with disabilities; the vendor of choice in the markets we serve; and the recognized leader in meeting the needs of individuals in overcoming barriers to employment.

Our Values

Mission: Creating good jobs for people with disabilities while operating our business profitably.

People: Working together, we create a challenging and rewarding environment energized by the knowledge that our efforts make a positive difference in the community and the world.

Customer: Our customers – partners in our mission – look to us for quality, responsiveness and value. We are committed to their complete satisfaction.

Culture: Our success comes from the PRIDE way of doing business, characterized by entrepreneurship, integrity, passion, innovation, continuous improvement, safety, and a touch of zaniness.

Our Strategic Goals

To achieve “vendor of choice” status in our core lines of business.

To align our organization, structure, and systems to efficiently and effectively support our mission, our growth, and our core lines of business.

To have superior information about our customers, our markets, and our financial and operational performance.

To attract, develop, and retain key personnel to support our mission, vision, and business objectives.