Case Study

When the rapid growth of a leading designer and producer of artisan teas out-paced their capacity, they needed a partner who could ensure that demand was met. Learn how PRIDE Industries transitioned their packaging, warehouse and fulfillment during peak production season, meeting their needs and creating an enduring relationship.

Mighty Leaf Tea 

Product Packaging, Warehousing, Order Fulfillment

Mighty Leaf Tea, based in San Rafael, California, creates exceptional tea products from the finest globally sourced ingredients. The company distributes its brand primarily through specialty retailers, high-end restaurants, and premier hotels and resorts around the world.  

The Challenge

Mighty Leaf Tea takes great pride in its handcrafted manufacturing process, which the company knew was an important reason for its double-digit annual growth. However, the rapid expansion caused Mighty Leaf to outgrow its original packaging, warehousing, and fulfillment vendor, sending the company on a search for a provider that could meet current demand and scale to meet future growth.  Mighty Leaf also needed a partner that could make the transition during the peak production season, when the company would introduce new product packaging.

The PRIDE Solution

PRIDE Industries’ size and scope, unique co-packing capabilities, ability to scale, and close proximity to global shipping ports were among the reasons Mighty Leaf chose PRIDE to provide product packaging, assembly, warehousing, and order fulfillment for its global product lines. To meet Mighty Leaf’s organic food processing requirements, PRIDE earned National Organic Food Processing certification, Orthodox Union Kosher certification, and the State of California Organic Food Processing registration license.  PRIDE constructed a permanent fulfillment line at its Roseville Headquarters, while ensuring scalability by expanding to a new 42,000-square-foot facility. 

The Results
  • In less than 90 days, PRIDE took over all required services—with no inventory or product order backlogs.
  • PRIDE was successfully packaging more than five million Mighty Leaf Tea bags for global distribution within the first three months.
  • The partnership created about 100 product assembly, packaging, fulfillment, and distribution jobs for people with disabilities in multiple PRIDE locations.
  • Working with PRIDE, the company implemented its new product packaging, which decreased packaging costs and increased assembly speed, reliability, and scalability. 
  • PRIDE reduced Mighty Leaf’s warehousing and supply chain costs while increasing inventory accuracy and production capacity.

"PRIDE is world class in all respects. They are a well-oiled machine, and I am confident they can scale with us for many, many years. It is also fortunate that they offer the added benefit of employing special people with special abilities."

Gary Shinner
CEO, Mighty Leaf Tea