We leverage technology to work smarter, faster and more reliably for you. Our systems deliver exceptional efficiency while contributing to quality management that ensures your project will be delivered exactly as you have specified. 

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

Our Tier-1 ERP system integrates supplier management, inventory control and accountability, production order processing, material requirements planning, and service order management

Forecast Planning System

The Demand Works system facilitates expert planning, purchasing controls, inventory management and production controls for timely delivery without waste.

Warehouse Management System (WMS)

Our WMS system accommodates a full range of needs from straight-forward receiving, order pricing, shipping and storage to complex requirements including:

  • Repack
  • Cross dock
  • Lot / revision control
  • Wave picking
  • Freight forwarding
  • Special Customs documentation
  • Cycle counting
  • Change ownership while in storage

Customer Integration with Secure Log-in

Real-time information is shared over proprietary web-based applications for transparency, accountability and peace of mind.