Community Access

PRIDE Industries offers individual instruction and skill development to people with developmental disabilities and challenging behaviors. Our goal is to enable each person we work with to achieve greater independence and a higher quality of life through support and training in a one-to-three ratio.

PRIDE’s Community Access programs provide diversified social, work, recreation and community-based instruction.

PRIDE's support and training include:

Adult Day Program:

Designed to build self-esteem and interpersonal, community interaction and vocational developmental skills in a supportive environment through recreation and a daily work component (if desired). Services include:

  • Recreation/use of leisure opportunities
  • Community living & integration skills
  • Personal & social skills
  • Self-esteem through positive experiences
  • Self-advocacy
  • Interpersonal relations
  • Educational development
  • Community involvement
  • Vocational development
  • Daily work component, if desired

Specialized Adult Day services that address medical needs are available at select locations with specially trained staff.

Behavior Support Program:

Designed to support a transition to a less restrictive work environment and increased community involvement through behavior support skills development. A daily work component is available, if desired.

The program is designed to build personal and vocational skills, marketable worker characteristics, community integration skills, and self-esteem through positive experiences. Services include:

  • Behavior Support
  • Social and personal skills
  • Self-esteem through positive experiences
  • Transition into less restrictive, structured service, work environment or community involvement
  • Community integration skills
  • Vocational development
  • Daily work component, if desired
  • Marketable worker characteristics

Therapeutic Interventions:

Designed to build communication skills and self-esteem, and to promote expression and personal growth through art and music therapies. Available at select locations.

Community Integration

Community-based training to help individuals acquire life skills based on "community readiness," assessments, and individual choice. 

Skills development includes shopping and purchasing, social interaction, team building, recreation and leisure, safety awareness, money management, cultural awareness, transportation and utilization of community resources.