Individual & Supported Community Employment

PRIDE Industries provides person-centered assistance to help individuals with disabilities overcome obstacles to employment and deliver value to employer partners. Through an extensive screening process, including a complete work history and skills evaluation, PRIDE prepares and places individuals in jobs best suited to their abilities.

PRIDE job developers have built a network of more than 230 community employers who understand that the same qualities that help a person rise above their disability are the most sought after in the workplace: resilience, determination and persistence in pursuit of a goal. 

Job developers, job coaches and assessment specialists work closely with employees and employers to identify areas of need and carefully match qualified workers to appropriate job opportunities. 

Working with employers, PRIDE Industries provides assistance to help develop and maintain productive employees. Our goal is to enable businesses to create a reliable workforce that adds value, while creating good jobs for people with disabilities.

PRIDE offers individual job placement as well as supported group employment services – small groups of employees supported by job coaches to ensure success in the workplace.


PRIDE's Individual Employment services include:

  • Applicant screening
  • Onsite job coaching and assessment
  • Dedicated support staff
  • Tax credit availability
  • Employer/employee consultation
  • Job opportunity analysis
  • Follow-up services
  • ADA employment support

Employers gain a dependable, productive and qualified workforce while reducing training time and cost. Our employees enjoy successful employment, earn a paycheck, contribute to their communities and improve the quality of their lives. Read about some of our successes here.

Measurable Progress

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Meaningful Results

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