A Specialized Approach: Cleaning an Oil Spill at Ft. Rucker, AL

Integrated Facilities Management

Providing Integrated Facilities Management services for military bases across the country, PRIDE Industries’ employees are well equipped to manage several different scenarios to help our customers protect their facilities and allow our country’s troops to best conduct their training and operations.

The Fort Rucker Army Installation, located in southern Alabama, serves as a primary training base for Army Aviation; since 2013, PRIDE Industries has performed repair and maintenance for their facilities and grounds. PRIDE’s team faced a unique challenge there in November 2018 when the automatic shut-off system failed during the fueling of an aircraft at the Molinelli Airfield, releasing 6,000 gallons of jet propellant fuel (JPH). An estimated 350 to 400 gallons of jet fuel also hit the grounds around the secondary containment.

The Fort Rucker Environmental Department contacted PRIDE Fort Rucker Environmental and Health Services (EHS) Director, Walter Calloway, to request immediate assistance from the specially-trained PRIDE Oil Spill Team, consisting of Tommy Dixon (Safety Manager), David Warmouth (Facilities Manager), Scotty McCart (Lead Heavy Equipment Operator), Richard Henderson (Heavy Equipment Operator), Brad Dawkins (General Maintenance Worker) and Michael Beavers (Truck Driver).

Within 45 minutes, the PRIDE EHS team arrived, working along with the Fort Rucker Environmental Director on a plan to quickly contain the incident. Once the area was clear, they completed an evaluation to determine how much oil was released and where the spill ended. The PRIDE Oil Spill Team then tested the area, per the government request, by potholing the spill area to determine the depth and how much soil removal was required. Due to the hard-packed clay soil, PRIDE needed to remove 8 to 12 inches from the starting point to the end.

The PRIDE Oil Spill Team worked for seven hours to remove all the contaminated soil and place it in an approved Alabama Department of Environmental Management (ADEM) land field. After the removal, PRIDE set a fuel barrier cloth with rocks on the ground and restored the landscape to its original state. The team received the following feedback from our customer:

Thank you for all of the support and quick response; the PRIDE employees who performed the clean-up operations were exceptional. Their attention to detail and efforts to ensure that the site was returned to the original (if not better) condition, was appreciated.”