We are confident that PRIDE Industries’ portfolio of services will meet your needs, whether you are in the commercial or federal sector; a start-up or a large Fortune 100 company.

Integrated Facilities Management

PRIDE Industries provides cost-effective facilities management solutions that protect your people and your assets while creating the ideal workspace.

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Custodial & Environmental Services

Our high-quality, cost-effective custodial solutions will allow your facility to operate in top shape while supporting environmental and social sustainability.

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Electronics Manufacturing Services

PRIDE Industries works across multiple technology sectors and delivers flexible, cost-effective, and customized solutions to meet your manufacturing, testing, and shipping needs.

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Supply Chain Management

Choose PRIDE Industries to manage your supply chain. We have provided innovative, technology-driven supply chain management services to organizations worldwide for more than 30 years.

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Kitting, Fulfillment & Distribution Services

In addition to our supply chain management services, PRIDE Industries offers comprehensive kitting, packaging, order fulfillment, and distribution services across a wide range of products and markets.

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