Unique Challenges

Integrated Facilities Management

With more than 15 contract sites spanning from the Pacific to the Atlantic Ocean, PRIDE Industries employees encounter unique challenges daily.

In July, two staff members at PRIDE’s Joint Base McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst (JB MDL), New Jersey, contract site noticed a family of Canadian Geese while performing a routine site inspection of the surface water pumping station.

The following is a transcription of the event:

“The Water Utility crew arrived at the remote pump station to find a family of Canadian Geese consisting of an adult male and female with several juvenile geese loitering on the concrete retaining wall above the water intake structure for the water pump station. The family of geese became startled as the PRIDE employees entered the pump station and jumped into the creek below. Unbeknown to Sean and Ian, one of the adults landed inside the water intake structure.

Sean and Ian returned to the surface water pump station the next day. While inspecting the pump station, Sean discovered that one of the adult geese, believed to be the male, was trapped inside the intake structure and was unable to get out. It was obvious that the goose was becoming exhausted from his many attempts to free himself by climbing out of the water intake.

Sean began to make phone calls to find someone to rescue the goose. The first call was to the PRIDE Industries Service Order Desk at JB MDL for Pest Control. Pest Control informed the Service Order Desk that performing animal rescue was not possible.

Sean then attempted to contact local animal wildlife organization. Each entity that Sean spoke to was not able to respond.

Realizing the goose was not likely to survive if it remained trapped and the hazard that this posed to the potable water supply for the base, Sean and Ian took matters into their own hands. Using a pool skimmer (from one of the two JB MDL pools that the water utility department maintains) and a long handle water sampling dipper, Sean and Ian were able to reach down and lift the goose up and over the wall of the water intake.

The male goose quickly swam to the far bank of the creek all the while calling out to his goose family. After a few minutes, the adult female goose followed by the goslings appeared from upstream and reunited with the male.”

On this day, Sean and Ian not only helped to rescue and save the life of this adult male goose but also reunited a family and their efforts kept these lovebirds together, as Canadian Geese mate for life!

Most importantly, Sean and Ian prevented a potential disaster, by protecting the public water supply for JB MDL-Fort Dix! The population at JB MDL is approximately 40 thousand and an additional 60K retirees within a 50-mile radius.

Since July 2010, PRIDE Industries has been providing base operating support and maintenance services at JB MDL including: work management, supply, facility corrective and preventative maintenance, road surface maintenance, grounds maintenance, small equipment maintenance, DFAC (walk-in freezer/refrigerator dining facility) appliance repair, potable surface water treatment and water distribution system in support of installation activities at Joint Base MDL, Fort Dix, New Jersey.

Along with providing operating support and maintenance services excellence to our customer, PRIDE Industries also creates opportunities for employees with disabilities, including veterans with service-related disabilities. PRIDE’s contract creates 111 direct labor jobs, currently employing 57 employees with significant disabilities and 13 veteran employees.

PRIDE’s mission serves people with a broad range of disabilities – developmental, intellectual, physical, sensory, mental illness and more. Through our work, we strive to provide opportunities at all skill levels, helping individuals reach their goals.

Studies find that students with disabilities are less than half as likely as their peers to attend college in the two years after high school, and this lack of higher education contributes to higher unemployment. Working-Age Americans with disabilities are unemployed at four times the rate of the general population. PRIDE Industries believes in changing this statistic by offering higher education scholarships to students with disabilities in many of the markets we serve. The scholarships are open to students with disabilities who meet specific academic criteria and have employment aspirations supported by higher learning. In the New Jersey area, PRIDE offers scholarship funds for students with disabilities at Rutgers-Camden University. 

PRIDE Industries proudly supports the communities in which we live and work, providing support to charitable organizations linked to our mission through joint program development, and direct assistance. PRIDE also strives to be a good partner and neighbor as an active participant in local business chambers and associations.